FFOLAJI LONDON is the brain child of Folaji Fasanya-Omoyeni, its CEO/Creative Director, coined from her African name ‘Folaji’, which means ‘Prosperous Beginnings’ in the Yoruba language.  Folaji is a self-taught designer of African descent whose journey into the fashion world began when at about the age of 9, she started to sew mini clothes using her late mother’s hand operated sewing machine. When at 12 years old, she began exploring arts and crafts more at secondary school, her interest in dressmaking increased and she was hooked.
In University, Folaji continued to show interest in fashion, and in fact earned additional spending money during her holidays by helping at a friend’s, Scottish mother’s renowned clothing brand. In her spare time, she would design and make clothes to take back to university where she organised fashion shows to sell them. Folaji’s designs were well sought after and she would sometimes travel to the UK, frequenting the trendy Oxford Street and East End of London for inspiration.
Soon after university, Folaji went into full time fashion designing and operated her own small business before she traveled to the United kingdom in 1989, where she got married, settled down, and has raised two children. Folaji is a highly certified and qualified teacher and Management Consultant, as well as an IT specialist and Business Analyst, but she continued to make her own clothes and to promote African culture through fashion and style.
By the mid 1990s and early 2000s, the world of African fashion had exploded so much and one day, while out shopping with her family, Folaji entered a popular high street store and to her sheer amazement, clothes made out of African print type of fabrics were on full display. She thought to herself there and then. ‘This is what I’ve always pictured and I’m going to do this’! Hence the seed that was to become the FFOLAJI LONDON label was sown.
Today, as the CEO/Creative Director of her own fashion label, FFOLAJI LONDON, Folaji is hands on at her studio where ideas are brought to life and where her hands would have touched each design at different points in their life cycle. Due to budding creative ideas, Folaji is now adding jewellery making to her skills and creates matching bespoke statement pieces to complement her designs.
Folaji plans to include other fashion products further down the line and is already at the early stages of exploring the possibilities of introducing her own collection of high end statement accessories, as well as leather goods like shoes, bags and belts. Her book, which will explore different aspects of African fashion and style is also work in progress. According to Folaji, ‘I am passionate about Africa. I believe that we are a rich continent blessed with beautiful cultures as well as skills and abilities that will match any out there and I have chosen to promote this rich, diverse African culture through fashion and style. I will like to invite you to explore this journey with us, so you can discover for yourself that FFOLAJI LONDON is not just a name, we are a brand and as our popular social media hashtag goes, at FFOLAJI LONDON, ‘We Don’t Do Ordinary’.

Folaji Fasanya-Omoyeni

CEO/Creative Director

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